Cyprus Productivity Centre, Cyprus – Leader

The objective of the CPC is to assist private and public organizations to utilise their human and capital resources in the best possible way so as to increase pruductivity.

The Management Development component aims at providing assistance and support to private and public organizations so as to encourage their modernization and contribute to their effective adjustment to the changing and competitive global market. This aim is pursued through a variety of activities and services such as training, information and publications.

CPC through the Technical Vocational Training (TVT) offers accelerated initial training and continuing training for technical personnel in industry and technical advice to businesses for solving specific problems. Training programs are organized in specially equipped laboratories in Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca by qualified instructors.
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Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Greece

The IED is an NGO that was founded in 2005 in Larissa, Greece. Our vision is to create an environment that promotes entrepreneurship, research and the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset of businesses, creating long-lasting relationships with society and the academic community. Its vision is to create an environment that promotes entrepreneurship, research and the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset of businesses, creating long-lasting relations with society and the academic community.

The IED provides assistance and services in the field of education, economic and social development, promotes human rights and democracy and offers consulting and training services to organizations and individuals in the field of entrepreneurship, social economy, informal qualifications, vocational education and training…etc, through forums, publications, conferences/seminars, networking, collaboration with other institutions and other such activities.

Its experience over the years, in both national and international projects, has been in the aforementioned fields, while it has built a vast network of contacts globally over the years, which will be used towards the dissemination of the project and sustainability of impact and results.

The IED has implemented a number of national and EU projects, with a focus on entrepreneurship, gender equality, employment, the certification of informal qualifications, the social economy and social entrepreneurship. It has participated in a large number of Lifelong Learning Programme projects, including the Leonardo Da Vinci programme and Grundtvig Programme, both as partner and leader and thus has the experience and know-how to successfully implement such projects. In the context of the projects materialised, it has completed a large number of studies and research, organized and materialised workshops/conferences/meetings, developed innovative tools in a number of fields and has developed methodologies of certification of informal qualifications in a number of projects and sectors.
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Folkuniversitetet, Sweden

Folkuniversitetet is an adult educational association that offers a wide range of adult education all over Sweden. It is an association of five foundations: the university extensions attached to the Universities of Stockholm, Uppsala, Göteborg, Lund and Umeå. We have a broad open educational program in a variety of subjects; we also run upper secondary schools, schools in higher vocational education, courses for seniors and training, labour market education and further education and training for working life.

Folkuniversitetet is independent of all political, religious and commercial interests. International cooperation, pedagogic development, democracy and focus on the individual are central values for us. We have given important contributions to development of Swedish education and training, for example evening gymnasiums, language centres, Swedish for immigrants, college and ICT-based education. Visions and ideas for better learning methods are developed and tested in project groups, often in international cooperation. Coaching, mentorship, validation, learning in working life, empowerment and active guidance based on individual needs are examples of areas we are developing, and implementing to our own organisation.
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Βusiness Foundation for Education, Bulgaria

Business Foundation for Education (BFE) is a Bulgarian non-government organization, established in 2005 to act in public interest. Its mission is to facilitate the development of the civil society through initiatives that enhance human resource competitiveness and contribute to economic development and prosperity. To achieve its goals the Foundation implements variety of projects focused in the fields of lifelong learning, guidance counselling, employment and social policy, vocational education and youth work.

The Foundation is a recognized leader in the field of lifelong learning and career guidance in Bulgaria. The organization is a keen promoter of the guidance counselling profession. Its initiatives helped raise the awareness of decision makers, education experts, employers, headmasters and of the general public about the benefits of lifelong guidance for all generations.

The organization capitalizes the capacity and continues the efforts of the successful USAID Labor Market Project, directed to reinforce the competitive workforce development in Bulgaria. Its experience in the field of labor market, career guidance and policy making has been transferred via trainings of trainers and policy experts in Macedonia, Romania, Hungary, Georgia, Armenia and Taiwan.
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Fundatia Professional, Romania

Professional Foundation is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization, established in 1998 with a view to promoting high quality in education and especially in VET education, intercultural tolerance and appreciation, life-long learning, human rights, fight against poverty and discrimination and social inclusion. It promotes intercultural dialogue, develop and support networking at local and international levels, encourage international cooperation. It is approved and accredited by the Ministry of Education for “Continuing Education”. It is a member of QUEST (The Romanian Association for Quality Language Services) which is an associate member of EAQUALS (The European Association for Quality Language Services).

In its 16 years of activity Professional Foundation has organized a lot of events being immersed in human rights activities with children, teenagers, youth, adults, seniors, women and people with special needs, offering training and assistance to over 2000 trainees, with an emphasis on the new communication strategies as well as specialized methodology courses for teachers, mentors, youth, adults, seniors and students (Pre-service and In-service).ProF promotes and guarantees the provision of language teaching of the highest possible standards through QUEST Romania quality assurance scheme.Through its EFS projects ProF has initiated a counseling centre for unemployed men and women who receives legal and social advice for starting a social enterprise both in rural or suburban areas.

Being very much involved in the young people training, ProF has been concerned with quality assurance in VET education and empolyability through its courses and seminars. Education of parents and VET teachers raised to a number of 600 people during the last two years of the Leonardo TOI "Family Mediation". it is very well known in the local community and nationally through QUEST which consists of 20 members among which training centres, Cultural Institutes(Goethe Institute Bukarest, British Council Bucharest)schools and International Organisations. This is very useful for dissemination of results and for sharing the good practice during the AGMs and the Annual International Conference. QUEST has been awarded a prize for excellence as an example of good practice at the Erasmus+ launching conference in the presence of Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism, Sport, Media and Youth, Mrs Androulla Vassiliou.
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k.o.s GmbH, Germany

The k.o.s GmbH is a service and consultancy company founded in 2009. Since, it has been acting as a private firm supporting organizational and personnel development in education and training institutions, enterprises and public institutions, operating in the fields of vocational and further education as well as educational guidance and counselling. Focus hereby is fostering quality development and quality assurance. The k.o.s GmbH undertakes the development and evaluation of tailored quality concepts and supports their implementation in enterprises and organizations.

The k.o.s GmbH executes various projects in the fields of:

  • Vocational education and training
  • Further and adult education
  • Supporting the transition from school to work
  • Educational guidance and counselling
  • Qualifications consulting.

Projects of the k.o.s have been executed on regional, national and EU level. Services offered include consulting, concept development, workshops, trainings, studies and audits. The k.o.s also promotes quality issues by means of publications, networking and PR activities. Contracting bodies are public organizations and private enterprises.

The interdisciplinary team of the k.o.s GmbH currently entails twelve members of staff. The k.o.s also works intensively within expert networks at national and international level.
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