Second Transnational Meeting

The second transnational meeting of EVA Skills was held at Thursday, May 28 2015, in Athens.

At first, all the partners presented their results from the questionnaires and interviews at the VET trainers and the employers about the soft skills. Business Foundation for Education made a presentation about the project’s quality plan and Folkuniversitetet discussed about the objective, the syllabus and the content of the curriculum. The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development presented some considerations about the e-learning platform. Finally, k.o.s. GmbH presented the tasks, the content, the procedure, the considerations and the connection of the toolkit with the other outputs.

The coordinator of the meeting was the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development. At the meeting participated representatives of:

  • Cyprus Productivity Center, Cyprus
  • Folkuniversitetet, Sweden
  • Business Foundation for Education, Bulgaria
  • Fundatia Professional, Romania
  • k.o.s GmbH, Germany

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